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Hello Thiago,

I think you should enable the "Enforce https" option under the Setup menu, that will force all the HTTP requests to HTTPS requests.

If you go to the setup (gear icon) -> Setup -> General setup you'll find the check there. Let me know the results!

EDIT: I've just discovered that, according to Docker's official documentation, environment variable injection does not work when you use the --network feature, so you'll need to be careful and specify the environment variables yourself when creating the console and server containers:

One notable missing functionality compared to legacy links is the injection of environment variables. Though very useful, environment variable injection is static in nature and must be injected when the container is started. One cannot inject environment variables into a running container without significant effort and hence it is not compatible with docker network which provides a dynamic way to connect/ disconnect containers to/from a network.

Hi Thiago,

I've been able to replicate your issue. I solved it using the mysql:5.5 docker (our official supported MySQL version). The steps I followed:

Code: [Select]
docker run --name some-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=pandora -d mysql:5.5
docker run --name pandorafms-console -p 80:80 -p 8022:8022 -p 8023:8023 --link some-mysql:mysql -d pandorafms/pandorafms-console:6

Then, we need to enter to the console container and remove a couple of files:
Code: [Select]
docker exec -it pandorafms-console mv -f /var/www/html/pandora_console/install.php.done /var/www/html/pandora_console/install.php
docker exec -it pandorafms-console rm -f /var/www/html/pandora_console/include/config.php

After that, access to Pandora FMS's console and do the installation. In the MySQL step, when you type the hostname, you'll be prompted for the IP of the console's container. Do a ifconfig and select the docker interface (something like

Finally, we need to start the server:
Code: [Select]
docker run -p 41121:41121 --link some-mysql:mysql -d pandorafms/pandorafms-server:6

Hope this helps! :)

Hello Thiago.

I'm glad you sorted that out! We're still looking into it to see if we can adapt our MySQL image to a different folder.

You should access /pandora_console/install.php, not just /install.php.

Double check in the console container if the route /var/www/html/pandora_console is present! (it should be)

Community support (English) / Queremos saber tu opinión!
« on: August 03, 2016, 03:45:39 AM »
Como afiliado al programa de formación y al curso OPT de Pandora FMS, nos gustaría saber sus opiniones y sugerencias que puedan ayudar a que este nuevo aspecto de Pandora FMS mejore. Como una empresa de desarrollo de software, especializada en un ámbito tan específico como pueda ser la monitorización, hemos decidido crear el Open Pandora Training y su programa de afiliación como una manera de difundir la utilidad e importancia de conocer lo básico de la monitorización para cualquier estudiante de informática a nivel superior.

Independientemente, somos conscientes del hecho de que este curso está lejos de ser perfecto, y es por eso que le pedimos a ustedes, aquellos que imparten el conocimiento por nosotros, que nos den sus opiniones y comentarios constructivos para poder principalmente mejorar el contenido de los exámenes y ejercicios prácticos. Apreciaríamos mucho que se dispusiera a esta colaboración para poder juntos mejorar el programa OPT, para facilitar la labor tanto a los docentes que imparten los conocimientos en Pandora FMS y en  monitorización, a la vez que se genera contenido de lo más interesante posible para los alumnos.

Community support (English) / We want your feedback!
« on: August 03, 2016, 03:44:50 AM »
As an affiliate to Pandora FMS' formation program and OPT training course, we'd like to know more about your opinions and suggestions to make this new part of Pandora FMS better. As a software development company, especially one that develops something as specific as monitoring, we have decided to create the Open Pandora Training and the affiliate program as a means to further widespread the usefulness and importance of knowing the basics to monitoring for any IT student.

Although, we are conscious of the fact that this training is far from perfect, and that's why we ask of you, those who impart the knowledge on our behalf, to return feedback and opinions, mainly to improve the content for tests and exercises. We'd much appreciate to hear from you and to be able to curve our OPT for the better, in order to make things easier for those who are now teaching Pandora FMS and monitoring to their students, as well as making things as interesting as possible for the students themselves.

Hi Thiago,

I've been able to replicate the issue using the -v flags. Without them, it works just fine. I'll open up a internal incident to review this. You can find the dockerfile in our GitHub repository: https://github.com/pandorafms/pandorafms/blob/develop/extras/Dockerfile

Any help would be very much appreciated! :)

Announcements and news / Pandora FMS 6.0 SP3 is already here!
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:35:16 AM »

Hello Community! Although SP2 came out only a few months ago, we felt it was still a little rough around the edges, and we haven’t rested until we felt comfortable with how it would look and perform in this new version. We are now sure that some of the most relevant trouble spots will be fixed and working correctly, and we highly recommend you update and install this new Service Pack.

For more news or to give us your feedback follow us on Twitter (@pandorafms), Reddit (/r/pandorafms), Facebook (/pandorafms) and on YouTube (/PandoraFMS or /PandorafmsES)

New features

  • New integration with eHorus, the cloud-based remote management system. It provides remote management and administration capabilities with terminal and screen sharing methods, plus real-time management of services and processes.
  • Improved integration with the Pandora FMS helpdesk tool, Integria IMS: improved ticket creation flow and inventory management.
  • Huge aesthetic and UX improvements on Visual Consoles and Dashboards, making possible to create high quality fully customizable screens.
  • The L2 network auto discovery algorithm has been improved, allowing creating even more precise network maps in complex environments.
  • Improvement on the Update Manager: new recon and user features added that try to provide a more customized experience when obtaining recommendations and notifications for Pandor FMS.
  • New SAML authentication option added.
  • Added new view option for events, grouped by agents.

Changes regarding the previous version

  • The warning icon on the Pandora header can only be viewed by standard users that have PM or admin permissions.
  • Changed the location on the Update Manager, reserving a new spot for all of its sections.
  • Added a new initial assistant for the timezone, language and admin mail setup. This email address will be used by default for email alerts using the “Mail to Admin” action.
  • The side menu can now be viewed clicking instead of hovering the mouse cursor over it.
  • Updated Tentacle to version 0.6.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visibility errors in the menu for environments with Enterprise ACL activated.
  • Numerous minor fixes on the Visual Dashboard editor.
  • Fixed login issues for the mobile console.
  • Issues with the public URLs for Visual Consoles fixed.
  • Fixed error 500 return when exporting resources via the resource Exportation extension.
  • Fixed update errors for the Update Manager’s proxy configuration.
  • Fixed visibility mistakes on customized graphs.
  • Fixed reporting issues on the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed mistakes on pie and gauge graphs, as well as for graph keys.
  • Fixed synchronization errors for Operating Systems and module Groups between the Metaconsole and its “sons”.
  • Fixed issues in some CLI calls.
  • The events created by the IPAM recon task that don’t have an associated agent won’t be shown.
  • Fixed mistakes on the Web Server that didn’t fully execute all types of checks.
  • Fixed issues on event replication between the nodes and Metaconsole.
  • Fixed the create_event function from the CLI, which allowed creating events with empty.
  • Corrected skin creation.
  • Corrected massive element creation on visual consoles using the simple values wizard.
  • Many more which can be seen on the GitHub history.

View the full change log and update procedure here, and access our downloads section to get the software.

Español / Spanish forum / Re: Error instalando Pandora
« on: June 17, 2016, 12:03:21 AM »
Hola txipiron_! Podrías pasar unas capturas de los pasos de tu instalación? La DDBB externa qué versión de MySQL es?

Announcements and news / Error in Pandora FMS Update Manager
« on: May 18, 2016, 06:52:47 AM »
There has been an error in the Pandora FMS Update Manager of the 6.0 version.

If you have updated Pandora through the Update Manager between Monday 16th 2016 and Wednesday 18th at 12am CEST, you should continue reading.

If you tried last night to update the Open Source version of Pandora FMS via the update manager, an error was returned which was that a version 6.1 package was uploaded by accident. It's unstable and needs fixing. If you've been affected by this mistake, you should see "V 6.1 Dev" on your login screen. The fix can be performed by downloading and replacing the console with the 6.0 code SourceForge.

Announcements and news / 6.0 SP2 Windows Agent has been fixed.
« on: May 13, 2016, 03:26:12 AM »
Thanks to the report of @no_sasaki, we have detected an anomaly in the Pandora Windows v6.0 SP2 Agent installer that prevented some checks to run properly.

You can download the fixed agent in the SP2 folder of our Sourceforge.

Thank you again community, we love you! <3

Hola aleavg, bienvenido al foro! :)

Efectivamente, en la versión 6.0 SP2 se ha sustituido nginx por apache para optimizar el rendimiento. ¿Puedes pasarme más datos para tratar de replicar tu error?
  • Windows 7 de 32 ó 64 bits?
  • ¿Cuál es el nombre del fichero del instalador?
  • ¿Cuál es el nombre del fichero del instalador?
  • ¿Tenías instalado previamente otro Pandora?
  • ¿Tienes el Apache u otro proceso corriendo que esté escuchando el puerto 80? Una lista de tus procesos podría ayudarnos a diagnosticarlo! :)

Community support (English) / Re: Pandora 6.0 send plain text email
« on: April 26, 2016, 03:10:34 PM »
Hello alpicon1 and welcome to the forum! :)

It's pretty simple. In the alert menu, edit your email alert action and set the Field3 from Advanced to Basic.

Announcements and news / Pandora FMS 6.0 SP2 Is Out
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:15:55 AM »

Start monitoring in less than one minute!
Launching Pandora FMS in less than a minute is now possible with the help of Docker! Just login to your shell and type:

Code: (auto:0) [Select]
curl -sSL http://pandorafms.org/getpandora  | sh

Warning: This requires the Docker Engine installed and running in your system. Check out the installation instructions.

Docker images are updated on a daily basis.

New features

  • Huge optimisation for Pandora FMS running on Windows systems. The performance in some key areas has been raised in 108%.
  • Public Docker files on Docker Hub! It’s now possible to launch Pandora FMS with just one command line!
  • New depiction of thresholds on graphs: now they also represent “warning” and “critical” areas, instead of just having lines to delimit them.

Changes regarding the previous version

  • Login speed improved for those systems with a slower internet connection.
  • The GIS dashboard interface has been improved to match the look and feel of version 6
  • Group filters in policies respect father-son hierarchies within groups
  • The Tentacle server now has a timeout so there are no unclosed connections left behind
  • SNMP trap forwarding feature won’t run if the agent is deactivated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed calculations in SLA reports. Now ‘Working Time’ is taken into account.
  • Performance optimisations on policy searchers for users who are not administrators.
  • Fixed the internal error that happened when creating a report template for users that aren’t administrators and that have read-only credentials on reports.
  • Corrected cron module executions that wouldn’t run before.
  • Performance improvements when running the pandora_db database maintenance script
  • Corrections made on inventory data collection on Windows agents.
  • Corrections made regarding agent installation on custom directories.
  • Improved SNMP monitoring from the Satellite Server, which unnecessarily retried checks under specific causes.
  • Multiple fixes and performance optimisations for users with a strict ACL enabled.
  • Corrected the Tentacle server which would leave some threads unfinished after finishing their execution.
  • Corrected network maps which would not paint nodes that didn’t have an assigned Operating System.
  • Fixed routes on Pandora FMS MIBS when running on Windows systems.
  • Many more which can be seen on the GitHub history.

View the full change log and update procedure here, and access our downloads section to get the software.

For more news or to give us your feedback follow us on Twitter (@pandorafms), Reddit (/r/pandorafms), Facebook (/pandorafms) and on YouTube (/PandoraFMS or /PandorafmsES)

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